Introductory Post

Hi…my name is Angie Kruzich. I have been teaching mathematics since 1992 and have been operating my own tutoring business since 2001. I work at Liberty High School located in Renton, Washington which is part of Issaquah School District. Currently, I am teaching AP Calculus BC and Geometry. And I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do so again next year as I embark upon the M.E.T program at Boise State University. I have been at Liberty for nine years now, and for five of those years I was the math department’s co-chair.

I have been married for 16 years to Boyd who lives to talk about it…still! We have a beautiful 11 year old daughter named Andrena. I love her name as it is unique but not too much so. We found her name in a baby book of 15,000 names and I didn’t want to name her after any of my students that I had during my first eight years of teaching. Then my mom actually found Andrena as a variation of Andrea and we loved it! I still haven’t met anyone with the same name. We also have a dog named Cola, who has been a handful lately. In his short two years with us, I could write an entire separate blog on his medical issues.

Our spare time is spent gardening, watching movies and attending Andrena’s soccer games. She is a goalkeeper and pretty good at it too as she is fearless on the field! I am very proud of her as I played goalie when I was her age. I ended up playing center mid after two years in goal but Andrena seems to love being in the goal box…I think it doesn’t involve as much running. Since I just signed on as the Team’s Manager, I imagine my spare time just disappeared.

This is actually my second blog. I do keep a blog already for my regular classroom. You can go read it anytime, especially if you are having trouble sleeping.

Our school district now mandates a “web presence”. I have found it to be extremely useful for students to access “me” outside of school. Students can read about what we did in class if they are absent, download documents for guided notes or study guides, check homework answers or check for important dates on my calendar. I just started the calendar recently, so I am still figuring out its uses. The documents are probably the most accessed items by students. Next year I would like to somehow get kids reading the blog entries more often.

Why I am pursuing a degree in Educational Technology involves several reasons. First of all, I want to be more proficient with different technologies and the EdTech 501 course is certainly helping us to dive right in. It is amazing how many different things I have been exposed to in just a few short weeks. I imagine by the end of the M.E.T. program we will be extremely proficient with many of these technologies. Also, I would really like to be able to use many of these technologies in my classroom. There is never enough time to learn everything and I am hoping this program will introduce me to things that I can integrate into my math classroom. Again, the 501 course already has!! Then of course, when a teacher has a Master’s Degree, it involves a pay raise. This is why I started looking for programs. But the Boise State M.E.T. program stood out as an excellent opportunity to help me improve and modernize my classroom.

Well time to go learn more about wordpress and its large amount of uses. I hope you enjoy reading my subsequent entries for EdTech 501.

-Angie Kruzich


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