Introduction Video by Angie Kruzich

This was our first assignment for the M.E.T. program in EdTech 501. It was quite a learning experience.

There were a lot of firsts for me when making this video. I had not made such an elaborate slide show before other than power point. Eventually, I figured out how to add sound and special effects to the slide show. Also, I was cropping pictures to improve the quality and limit any pictures that were too busy with extra background distractions. Some of the pictures were aligned to match the lyrics in the Bon Jovi song I chose. In addition, I used a webcam for the first time and uploaded the entire resulting video onto YouTube…definitely another first.

“2.4 Integrated Technologies
Integrated technologies are ways to produce and deliver materials which encompass several forms of media under the control of a computer.”

This introduction video is definitely a form of media that we could use in our classrooms with our own students also. For example, you could do a webcam presentation of an important lesson and post it on a blog. Then students can access it at home if they were absent or if they needed the information repeated. Plus, students love YouTube.

I wish I had more time to do such elaborate side projects just for fun…this is a fantastic slide show to share with family. Now I just need a personal assistant at school to do all my grading for me so I can spend more time making great videos!!


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June 14, 2012 · 8:15 pm

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