EdTech Learning Log On Word Press

I completed the Learning Log by setting up a blog on Word Press…Week 2 of EdTech 501. DONE!
Overcoming the Technological Curse during week 2, mission accomplished.

While setting up this website, or blog, I have learned a lot about word press. Just like most technologies, it is about learning your way around the programming and all the options that accompany it. I think I am getting the hang of wordpress.com now! I am looking forward to using this more and adding to this website. It will be quite the work or technological art once folks complete the M.E.T. program.

To complete this learning log, I learned how to name the blog, completed an Intro Post as well as two other posts, worked a lot with the reformatting aspects of the wordpress blog, and saved the URL to the Moodle site. Reformatting included a lot more than just removing or changing the sample posts and comments. It really included correctly embedding (not just linking) the Intro Video from YouTube, creating posts, categories, pages, widgets, and tags, and then correctly meshing them all together.

I think I am now understanding the organizational structure being used by WordPress. I am a visual learner and like to be able to “see” what is going on with the layers of a website. It makes it easier for me to navigate through the various components.

I am surprised this assignment was only worth 20 points as it is a vital aspect to complete the M.E.T. program. After reading some other folks comments about this assignment, it seems like we all put in a lot of time figuring the ins and outs of wordpress…well on to week #3 and further overcoming the Technological Curse!


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