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Upon embarking with the RSS Feeds hunt, I come to find out, many of my frequented sites do not have an RSS Feed option. This is quite disappointing especially since several of these sites are related to my own school district. However, my classroom website that I began developing about two years ago does have an RSS Feed.

I have discovered some uses of an RSS Feed prior to EdTech 501. My own students have been able to subscribe to my website. Within the website, I use the blog to report about what we do each day in class, in a files menu option I post documents and put important upcoming dates on a calendar. Many students utilize the RSS Feed option and therefore they automatically receive any updates that I make on my website. It is fabulous because they don’t have to guess when I have made updates and added information. For example, if a student checks my website at 4pm, but I update at 4:15pm, they might think I won’t be adding anything that day. By having the subscription, it takes all guess work out of checking a website maintained by an inconsistant individual (aka…a mom who updates when she has the chance)!!

The downside to my website RSS Feed that I am finding out while working on this assignment, is the RSS feed sends out updates for everything associated with my website. For example, if I update information for Geometry, then my AP Calculus BC students don’t need it, but they receive it anyway. I am going to be looking into how to change that for the better.

One of the news related websites I visit is They had an excellent RSS Feed option. You can pick among many very specific topics so you don’t receive everything, which could be overwhelming. For example, I mainly read about high school sports results, the weather and educational articles. The following is a link to their set up…

Additionally, I absolutely love the RSS Feeds bundle option on Google Reader. When educators already have so little time, this ability to go to one place to see what has been going on while teaching, planning and grading all day could really save teachers time. Now we just need more websites to add an RSS feature so teachers just need to set up a bundle once. Later they could add or take away RSS Feeds as needed within Google Reader.

I believe the following AECT Standards apply to the RSS Feeds Assignment:  1.2 Message Design, 2.4 Integrated Technologies, 3.1 Media Utilization, and 4.3 Delivery System Management. These standards seem well aligned with this EdTech assignment about RSS Feeds.


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