School Environment Evaluation


This assignment incorporated an evaluation of technology within our own school and ended up being quite more involved than I anticipated. We were to fill out a survey about how our own schools are doing involving technology. There were four levels of possible choices which included Emergent, Islands, Integrated and Intelligent, where Intelligent would be the highest possible rating. We were to rank the main five topics regarding Administrative, Curricular, Support, Connectivity, and Innovation. Then each of these topics had subcategories, which also had subcategories. In the end, we were to evaluate and comment on 38 different rankings.


Going into this assignment, I was assuming my school, “Freedom High School”, would have come out with the highest rankings. However, after completing this survey, I realize my school and district still have a way to go before we could claim the highest ranking of Intelligent. Although our school(s) have a great Infrastructure, the school and district have a lot of work to do before technology is truly embedded in all curriculum at all grade levels for all students. For example, every year the district is spending tons of money on adopting new curriculum in all topic areas, but is still buying it in the form of books. I imagine they would save money in the long run by buying iPads for all students and then having students download the books they need. Or I know all our math books are now available on-line, so students don’t all have to check out a book. Instead I retain a class set of books in the classroom. Now not a single student has to carry a huge math books to and from school. The wear and tear on my geometry books is far less than those teachers requiring students to bring books to and from school.

By issuing iPads, it would also solve some of the digital divide we have within our own school. Many students do not have computers and/or internet, but if the school district would issue them an iPad with wireless connection it would also solve this problem.

Another problem is the district is now mandating students and parents to do all student account processing on-line. But not all families have internet access at home. If all students were issued an iPad, then the district could go completely paperless knowing they have issued every enrolled family with an iPad. Wouldn’t this save money in the long run?




The standards that align with this assignment include 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.3 and 5.4 as described in the EdTech 501 course syllabus. For a further description of each standard, either click on the specific standard at the upper right. Or click on “a complete listing” at the right and all the standards will be listed.


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