Bumper Sticker

So, I got carried away to really make this bumper sticker demonstrate and wrap up my thoughts about my technological curse and what EdTech 501 did for me. Because there is sound and animation effects, it seemed like a simple image would have not done this bumper sticker justice. Therefore, I embedded with authorstream…

By using authorstream, I chipped another piece away from my technological curse. I figured out how to rewrite the embed code AND GOT IT TO WORK!! This is thanks to Barbara’s tutorial on her website and the instructions she wrote up on Clarify-It. This was actually easier for me since the image didn’t look very nice once it was a jpeg…it was really blurry and hard to read, so there is still a little bit of curse left that I need to overcome!

Overall, I really feel better about tackling how to get things to work on the computer. And we learned about all these awesome websites to help you do expectional work on the computer, hardly any I was aware of prior to EdTech 501. I was skeptical about several, like Diigo and Delicious, but now I use them all the time. Zotero will be priceless as will be wordpress. Getting a good start on this website/blog for the M.E.T. program has been an amazing accomplishment. I can’t believe how many things we have posted just from the first class in the master’s program. I am very happy with all that I have learned.

Now onto EdTech 502 Fall 2012!! – Angie


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