First Entry for EdTech 537

Blogging in the Classroom

First Entry:

Today marks the first blog entry for my new class at Boise State, EdTech 537 Blogging in the Classroom.

I do keep a daily blog for my classroom already, however getting students and parents to use it as a regular resource has been difficult. Learning about ways to draw in “my clients” to access my classroom blog or subscribe to it would be a goal of mine for EdTech 537. Here is a link to my classroom blog. However, once school is out there will not be any new entries as my focus will be on the EdTech courses I am taking this summer.

Since school is out which is where my main blogging interests lie, instead I would potentially like to blog about AP Statistics topics in conjunction with developing new classroom activities for the course. I just began teaching AP Stats last year and would like to develop more activity based lessons for it.

Also, I am trying to figure out if I should blog on the wordpress EdTech 537 Page, or if we should be adding word press posts? Or should the posts appear on the EdTech 537 page? Is that possible? Whenever I create a new post, it goes to the home page. Any feedback would be great!!




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4 responses to “First Entry for EdTech 537

  1. Angie, when you post entries use the “POSTS”. Think of the PAGES as things like webpages. So the PAGES will stay in your navigation bar all of the time. The POSTS will only show the three to five most recent entries.

    Also, given your interests, might I recommend from Summer 2013 – as a model that might be useful for you thinking about how to approach this class.

  2. Heather Lodwick

    Angie, what types of blogs do you create for your classroom? I want to try it this year and am looking for more ideas.

    • Hi Heather:

      Right now I think my blog is very uninteresting!! Here is a link to it… I mainly blog what we did in class each day so parents and students have a way to check when absent or recheck if they think they forgot something. I get about one-third of the students checking the blog. Feel free to take a look at my website. The platform our school district uses is pretty limiting, so it isn’t very pretty either!!

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