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This week we were to post an entry that shows a series of links. The links could have some sort of a common theme. Second, we are to make a list entry. This list could be a list of any topic. As professor Barbour described it, a top ten list is an example. Finally, we were to post a discussion question entry. The purpose of this type of entry is to encourage the beginnings of a conversation with others on your blog.

Below you will find my Links List. Building the list was not so bad. However, finding the correct instructions to get Diigo to automatically post to your wordpress blog…time consuming but priceless. I highly recommend to anyone that is having trouble automatically posting their Diigo bookmarks to your wordpress blog to watch this YouTube video!!

Add to Diigo

Posted from Diigo. The rest of EdTech 537 group favorite links are here.



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5 responses to “Links Entry

  1. Great list Angie. Do you happen to like statistics by chance??
    I really like the addition of the “tags”! Great way to organize your information. I know if I ever have to teach stats in the future I will remember your page!! Kim

    • I do like stats the more and more I do it. It has immediate application to the real world. But I am still a bigger AP Calc fan as of right now. I love calculus!! 🙂 Poll me again in a few years to see if Stats takes over though!!

  2. Angie, nice entry. While not a requirement for lists or links entries, a good habit to get into is to always annotate your lists or your links. It gives the reader a sense for why things were chosen, like a little window into your thinking.

    Glad to see you got the Diigo widget to work… 🙂

    • So I did originally have the annotations included. However, they were so long I did not think anyone would want to stick around long enough to read them!! It is a subtle catch-22!!

      • That’s why I said that they weren’t required, but a good habit. And annotations don’t have to be long (as you demonstrated in your list entry). But sometimes they simply aren’t needed. I believe that my sample links entry contained only the briefest of annotations.

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