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Angie’s Top Ten List
Why Take AP Stats?

  1. Save Money – Earn College Credit when you pass the AP exam.
  2. Save Time – By earning college credit, you may take fewer classes in college.
  3. Retain Understanding – Take the course over one year in high school versus 10 weeks in college.
  4. Jobs, jobs, jobs!! – Companies want to hire their personal on-site statisticians/mathematicians.
  5. Multitudes of Applications – Become a statistician in your sought after profession; almost everything you can think of gathers stats waiting to be analyzed.
  6. We are always normal and linear.
  7. Stats is really more writing than math. But this class is awesome for those who love both!!
  8. You will adore using new features on your Nspire Calculator. The AP exam is 100% calculator!
  9. There are lots of activities and hands-on applications in class.
  10. The answers provide you with confidence as many times you provide an interval of values, not a single number.


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7 responses to “List Entry

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  2. This is a great Top 10 list Angie. I am not sure what an Nspire Calculator is as when I was in school it was a TI-85 (if you had the $100 to dish out), so I may have to look into that. You make a lot of valid points – the 10 weeks vs 1 year (longer time to connect with material and understand it). Number 4 is a big one – how does it apply to the real world – by giving you a job in this terrible job market (or depending on your location).

  3. Kaelyn Bullock

    Nice list! It seems pretty convincing. I don’t self-identify as a math person, but I will admit my Stats class from college has had many real-world applications later on. #3, 8, and 9 resonate the most with me.

    • Hi Kaelyn: After teaching stats for the first year, I realized the class is more about reading and writing. Just like the real world, we use a lot of technology in stats to “handle” the math. The calculator is actually more accurate in many statistical scenarios too. Thanks for the feedback! #3 is the one I think is really important as well. I retained all my math from high school even years later, but college…not so much!!

  4. Angie, note the short annotations that you provided for each item. A good habit to develop as a blogger.

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