Disclosure and Blog Permissions Letter

Last week in EdTech 537, there were two parts to our assignment. One assignment was to create a Disclosure Page for our blog. The second was to write a letter to our school administrator requesting permission to start a classroom blog. Both were assignments I had not thought of completing on my own, yet should be a natural extension of maintaining a web presence.

My current classroom blog is totally based on listing the agenda that occurred in class that day. Since this is not opinionated, although some may consider as such, I have not included a disclosure page at this time. However, perhaps it is time I did.

Additionally, I never requested official permission to start a classroom blog. Again, it is purely made of informational items I post, therefore perhaps not necessary. Likewise, our school district began a mandate for teachers to maintain a web presence. This mandate, as well as providing a website platform was the teacher’s cue to “get on it”! However, having classroom info that students and parents can look up 24/7 is quite different from an interactive blog where students can communicate with the teacher and other students. An interactive blog requires many more guidelines to follow. It requires some student training too! Students need to be taught some netiquette before anything begins on a blog. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to request permission for an interactive classroom blog.


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