A Commentary/Editorial Entry

Are you looking for a new job?

Here is the description of an available job…

1. Manager will be expected to manage 150-180 employees.

2. Manager will be expected to know how to use all technology issued, such as all Microsoft Office applications, and any assigned web based technology. Trainings, if available, may be attended on your own time.

2. MWBET respond to incoming email during any meeting at any time. You will be leading the agenda of all meetings as well.

3. MWBET hold above meetings with different groups of employees, 4.5 hours per day.

4. MWBET have 18 minutes after arriving at the job site before the first meeting of the day. The first meeting will last 89 minutes after which time you will have 101 minutes to complete your other duties in the job description as outlined below. (During this time you will also be allowed to use the restroom.) Then you will have your second 89 minute meeting followed by a 35 minute lunch followed by your last 89 minute meeting. Then you will have 26 minutes to check email, finish any incomplete work and prepare for your next meeting first thing in the morning.

5. MWBET plan the entire agenda of all meetings. Please complete this task in between meeting times.

6. MWBET write full reports on their employees every 2-4 weeks. Please complete this task in between meeting times.

7. MWBET enter all data from all reports in a timely manner. Please complete this task in between meeting times. This job does not offer a supporting secretary.

8. MWBET have a short lunch upon immediate request of any employee who needs assistance to improve their personal job performance.

9. MWBET complete all job description items during a 7 hour work day or 35 hours per week. This is a part-time job offering.

10. MWBET work beyond the 35 hours per week, without additional pay, to keep up with this job description. For example, you will need to submit updated data reports every 4.5 weeks for all employees. Likewise, you may not have enough time to plan all meetings within the 18, 101 or 26 minute time-frames.

11. MWBET attend social events after work. Although you are not paid for evening attendance you may be asked to supervise your employees if they become unruly at a company sponsored function.

12. Pay raises are only issued once each year up to 16 years. You may receive an additional pay raise if you pay for your own master’s degree. Please do not ask for a pay raise during your annual job review. This company does not offer pay raises based upon a successful job performance. If there is additional money, then all employees will receive an equal portion. There is salary maximum. Each year a cost of living increase may or may not be considered by the budget committee.

Applications are currently being accepted by most school districts. Join our team and become a teacher!!


Okay, so I love being a teacher but if a company posted this as a job description, who would apply? I have found the best way to survive is having the best behind the scenes organization possible. In a few weeks, I will post some organizational ideas for the classroom that help save some time, because every minute counts. Thanks for reading!!



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3 responses to “A Commentary/Editorial Entry

  1. This post made me laugh! Ahh the joys of being a teacher, Perhaps it is a good thing this was never brought up when I was going to college to become a teacher. I might have made a different career choice.

    • Thanks Stacy…I was hoping it would get some folks laughing. The intensity of the job is why both teachers and students need some relaxing summer time. It is intense for the kids too!!

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