From Special Guest – Kristi Hafferty!!

Kristi Hafftery is my guest blogger today. We have worked together for eleven years in the math department at our school. Next year she will begin teaching AP Stats with me! This will be the first opportunity we have had to work together teaching the same math course.


As Angie mentioned in an earlier blog our school’s AP stats program has grown from 54 students the first year to 146 students enrolled for year 2. This increase is not only a reflection of Angie’s hard work and dedication, but it provides me the opportunity to teach AP stats. I am excited for this challenge and aware that I have some work ahead of me. I attended the Pacific Northwest AP Institute for AP Statistics this summer, which was amazing. The instructor was knowledgeable about both the content of the course and the AP exam. I could not possibly summarize all the information, hints and statistics I learned, but I would recommend this institute. It was one of the best professional development programs that I have attended and a must for anyone planning on teaching an AP statistics course.

– Kristi Hafferty




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2 responses to “From Special Guest – Kristi Hafferty!!

  1. Wow! That type of growth is definitely impressive!
    What do you look for in a teacher preparation program or do you feel it is really more a function of the quality of the instructors?
    Good luck with teaching AP Stats.

    • Kim:
      This is a tricky question as I was the only instructor last year. 🙂 I must say, based on my observations over the years, the hypothetical answer is always about the quality of the instructor. You can have a fabulous prep program, lots of differential instruction, lots of great texts, but the instructor use of this and dedication shall always be the bottom line. In the case of our school, I had several other instructors advertising A LOT for the AP Stats course. I think this time, that was the biggest factor.

      But AP Scores came out great, I must admit!! 75% passing rate is fabulous for the first year based on my experience teaching AP Calculus.

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