AP Calculus BC Activities

“Calling all Calculus Teachers!!”

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APCalcBC DwightCourtesy of Horse Head Huffer

Do you do authentic group tasks, complex instruction or PBL (project based learning) in your AP Calculus BC courses? There just doesn’t seem to be much out there after introducing area under the curve for integrals!!? If you do any differentiated instruction involving student centered activities that get these kids involved, then post a comment here! I am thinking about starting a website just for the cause!! #APCalcBC

Because we know it takes work to pass this AP Exam…

APCalcBC Lord of the Rings




Courtesy of Quick Meme

Nor does any student or teacher want to hear this…

APCalcBC Ghandolf





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-Angie Kruzich



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4 responses to “AP Calculus BC Activities

  1. I think it’s an excellent idea to dedicate an entire site to one cause. When you attend your conferences you can ask others to join. Collaboration always leads to the best work!
    I’m sure you already have this link … but just in case:

  2. Not really related to much to the post but I remember taking Calc 1 and 2 in college. It was probably the worst experience for me, mostly my fault. Ok,all of my fault. I now find myself loving math so I just wanted to say sorry for hating Calculus years ago haha. Perhaps if there was something like this when I was in school it would have made it more interesting to me then..maybe.

    • Dustin: I think it all depends on the presentation of the material. Even today, most calc teachers still run their classroom lecture style. As soon as math teachers start to incorporate more differentiated instruction, I think more people will be engaged in math class. I don’t think it is “entirely” your fault…I missed out on learning calc with the graphing calc. I would have loved to have had a graphing calc in class!! Plotting all those points one at a time to analyze a graph was super tedious, so thankfully, times have changed.

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