Math Curriculum Adoption Process

An Audio Post

This week we had four blog posts listed for our assignment; include an image, an audio recording, a video and a poll.  This post is going to include the audio post.

I found this audio, a podcast, from my school district’s board meeting. It is long as it covers the entire meeting. It is also of public record and can be located on the district’s website. The reason I chose this particular podcast is because they discuss part of the math adoption process that we went through to obtain new curriculum for high school algebra 1, geometry and algebra 2. I may even be on it since I presented information about the new curriculum choice! This podcast is from April 28, 2010.

Courtesy of Issaquah School District



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8 responses to “Math Curriculum Adoption Process

  1. I think it is fabulous that your district posts their board meetings as podcasts. That really defines “transparency” in the decision making process.

    • Hi Lynn:
      It does help define transparency! The only draw back is they are so long!! But if you know how the meetings are structured, you can do some educated guess work and skip over certain amounts of time to get where you may want to listen. I’ve done this before to get information updates.

  2. Heather Lodwick

    This is a great idea! Some may not know they have access to meeting minutes. It’s a great way to inform the parents and community what is going on in the district, especially if your curriculum is mentioned.

    • Hi Heather:
      Yes, it is great to be able to go back and look at the minutes for any school board meeting. As teachers, we are so busy, so if we need to listen to what happened after the fact, it is a excellent resource!

  3. Angie, have you ever thought about podcasting some of your more “tricky” AP Calc BC lessons? I’m sure your students would love to be able to go back in and hear it one or two or ten more times!

    • This is an excellent idea Kim! I like what you did with your YouTube demo. That may be the better way to go because it is always better to see and hear the math lesson, especially calculus. We are starting with a new calculus book so it may be a good time to consider that. AP Stats could use some extra demo on the harder inference topics too. Thanks!!

  4. Really like that your district posts audio of their meetings! My district just posts the minutes via a PDF, but listening to what was actually discussed would be a great way to stay informed.

    • Marne: That is an excellent point. Written minutes tend to be what the note taker sees as pertinent. Posting the podcast allows someone to hear the full story!! – Angie

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