AP Statistics PBL Update

A Video Post

Another type of post needed this week for EdTech 537 is to embed a video. In conjunction with this video, I would like to include an AP Stats PBL update.

I have been working on a PBL for AP Stats this summer for another course. It is coming along nicely and is almost complete. Well it had better be almost complete because time is running out!! I included this video as part of an entry event to incorporate differentiated instruction and demonstrate a research resource (YouTube) when beginning the PBL with the stats students. Here is the video…

Although this video is not very exciting, it does demonstrate an alternative way to gather information. I frequently use YouTube videos to help me with technology issues to clarify instructions. Many times, instructions leave out details and that detail stops me from getting tech to work. It can be frustrating. For example, do you know the difference between http: and https:? Here is some info about the difference if you are interested.

Finally, I decided that kids do not know a lot about the technological past even though they have access to most of it! So another video that I am going to show them as an introduction to the AP Stats PBL is an older commercial. I wonder if there was proper statistical research done to support the claim in this video?





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2 responses to “AP Statistics PBL Update

  1. Angie,
    Really good information presented here. It is easy to follow (relatively speaking … it is stats after all).
    I think videos are such a great way to break up the regular routine of class. You chose videos that will really spark their interest! Great work!

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