Revisiting Math vs. Stats

A Poll Entry

Earlier this summer, I posed a question about taking math senior year of high school or taking AP Statistics. Now that I know how to take a poll, here is a more simple way to tally everyone’s choices. Comments of course are gladly excepted as well!! Here is the original post information…

AP Stats vs. AP Calc

For many years, my high school did not offer AP Statistics. Then towards the beginning of 2013, the College Board in conjunction with Google offered my high school a grant. The grant was offered to help fund the initiation of an AP Stats course, because the “statistics” from our PSAT scores indicated that we had many females who qualified to take AP Statistics but were not able to do so. The great news is, this past year my school had 54 students take stats and next year 147 students signed up!! I think that is fabulous growth in a class after one year…

With the offering of AP Statistics available, it inadvertently created a new scenario; students dropping out of AP Calculus to take stats instead.

So here is the new conversation going on at my high school…should students take AP Stats or AP Calc? I don’t think students have enough information, nor can they foresee their own future, to make this decision.

Instead, I would like to hear from any adults out there who have ideas on how to handle this?
If you could do it over again, would you take math, stats or both?
What advice should we give students?
Do you have any personal experiences that can be shared?

 Your Turn to Vote

Please vote below and let’s see what the adults think the best option is…

If you are having issues embedding a poll, here are some helpful hints.



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10 responses to “Revisiting Math vs. Stats

  1. You should also have : “I don’t want to take math”

  2. Heather Lodwick

    Great job getting your videos and polls embedded. I’m not sure my video is going to show up when it is officially published – mine says in order for it to embed I need the pro version so we’ll see. I really liked how you added the link to embed polls! That was very kind of you. I’m using edublogs and there isn’t an “add a poll” link, but Dr. Barbour shared a link with us that I haven’t taken a look at yet so hopefully I’ll get it figured out! Nice job!

    • Try going to YouTube for instructions. Sometimes there is more than video for you to follow and sometimes you have to find the right one, but I like YouTube because you can follow along as someone else does it. The visual really helps me!! Also, sometimes the person making the video gives you details that written instructions do not and that may be where your personal issue lies!! It can be very frustrating when your embeds do not work…

  3. Great additional options Angie! And thank you so much for adding the instructions on how to add a poll.

  4. Lynn Johnson

    Wow, your poll really got me thinking about my own high school math career. I actually couldn’t take Calculus in our high school but ended up testing into it as a college freshman that was very overwhelming my first semester. Our high school didn’t offer calculus at that time. Looking back at my choice of career path now though, I would choose statistics too since I could really use that knowledge while looking at school district test scores, improvement data, etc. In the end, I guess the more options for students today, the better.

    • Hi Lynn: Having taking Calc for the first time in college, I would definitely want to take calc in high school. The college atmosphere does not provide as much support, plus they go three 2-3 times faster than a highs school course! I think this also allows for better retention of the topic for those students who will be in science courses and apply calculus. I would have liked to do both!! But the AP Stats class didn’t even exist back then as it started in 1997.

  5. Well, I did screw it all up in high school, but retrospectively…

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