The Beginnings of EdTech 541

Stueckle Sky Club Grand Opening, Stadium, jkCourtesy of BSU website

Today marks the end of the very first week of EdTech 541, Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum. This week we were to set up our blog for the course, choose a website format for the final course project, create an I AM Poem, read through all the course documents, read chapters 1 & 2 in my new book and determine my course project focus. There was quite a bit of work to do!!

I chose to use WordPress as my blogging platform again for this course. However, I am going to use weebly for my website this time. I have heard wonderful things about weebly but I have not used it before. By choosing a new web tool, I can add to my collection of “things learned during my master’s program”. Here is the link to my new weebly website I will be using. Feel free to follow along!!

Here is to Week #1, done!


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