Understand Acceptable Use Policies

This week in EdTech 541, students were to research AUPs, Acceptable Use Policies…see document embedded below.





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6 responses to “Understand Acceptable Use Policies

  1. sarahbaughman

    I love the EUP. It is fun and helpful. This is a well written paper thank you for posting. I agree with you in the points you made considering YouTube. It is clear that most school networks block this site and many others like it, even though is has great resources. Though I do not agree when you say the administration does not trust the teachers with the internet, do you think it is the students they do not trust?

    • Well actually I didn’t say the admin does not trust teachers as it is quote from McLeod. However, it is a truly bold statement to make. Some days I feel like the technology we need to incorporate as teachers is supported 100%, but then there are those days when we are treated like children. Hopefully you have a district that supports you 100% of the time. I don’t have that feeling 100% of the time.

  2. Love the idea of an Empowered Use Policy, as it focuses on using the internet for good (education, etc) rather than put the focus on what not to do. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s often ignored. Teachers are hired for a reason and should be given the opportunity to prove their worth and trust with technology. It is a tough balance between freedom and responsibility, but I think most teachers are up to the task.

    • Thanks for the input Chris. Love your thoughts! I also believe most teachers are up to the task. If there is one breaking the rules, then they should be dealt with rather than limiting the entire staff.

  3. I really loved this class when I took it. One of the best classes in this program. And, what’s better yet, is I could apply it right to my new job!

  4. Hi Jeanne: I totally see that happening for me as well. Already I have some immediate applications I can use in the classroom from the assignments I have completed in EdTech 541!! For example, I have been trying to get some statistic applets to work for me without success. Today I did thanks to another helpful YouTube tutoring video on getting Java to work properly for me!! Hopefully several more to come 🙂

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