Relative Advantage of Using Multimedia in the Classroom

This week we studied the advantages of using video to enhance classroom lesson plans. Below is the vodcast created to discuss these advantages.



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6 responses to “Relative Advantage of Using Multimedia in the Classroom

  1. Lindy Hockenbary

    Angie – I loved how you covered benefits of BOTH using video for content and having students create videos. Were all the benefits listed from the resources or did you add some benefits from personal experience as well?

    • I did add several benefits that I have seen work well from my own experiences. I have recently suggested to parents for example, that a quick video at home can get them and their student up to date!! I personally rely on YouTube whenever the technological roadblocks hit me for this M.E.T. degree. There is so much out there now, parents can use it too!!

  2. The idea of having video lessons for parents is something that I think is often overlooked as a way to help our students.

    • Hi Jamie:
      I thought of that as an advantage last week when I was helping a family help themselves at home in the evenings. I use it all the time when I am by myself trying to get some of the technology pieces to work, like embedding something new. Why not suggest it to parents too? You can Google so many things and YouTube is building a huge library of videos to help you solve anything! I even used a video over the summer to figure out the best way to install some new closets!!
      Thanks, Angie

  3. Excellent point in stating that filming a lesson allows for better consistency- that’s generally not a point that’s made. Have you attempted to flip your class? I want to very badly, but due to most of our students’ SES, many do not have access to internet at home. Great video!

    • The consistency piece is one of those that I added from personal experience. I hate it when I am teaching and forget to tell one class a detail that puts them at a disadvantage!! The nice thing about using a PP, a video or even guided notes is keeping the consistency piece AKA, I didn’t forget something!!
      I am going to try to flip a unit in AP Stats this year. In fact, the lesson I wrote in week no. 8 using Web 2.0 tools, is a flipped classroom lesson. One thing my cohort learned is once you flip one day, it is impossible to switch back and forth, so we are going to flip an entire chapter which should give students some great variety!

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