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EdTech 541 Final Blog Entry

Part 1: Course Reflection

What I have learned…

Since this is only the second year I have taught AP Statistics, EdTech 541 has helped me develop many new lessons. I have discovered many new ways to incorporate technology into statistics class. This has been extremely helpful as I develop tons of new lesson plans.

How theory guided the development of projects and assignments?

I enjoyed reading about many of the theories presented throughout EdTech 541. One idea that inspired me was to not integrate technology for the sake of integrating technology. There must be a purpose and it should involve the idea that technology enhances the curriculum. For example, there is not a better way to have students complete complex, higher level math on word with a keyboard, yet. It is still faster for students to write something with older technology; pencil and paper. However, there are other web-based applications, such as stats simulators, that can improve the curriculum and speed up the learning process.

How does course work show mastery of the AECT standards?


Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to design conditions for learning by applying principles of instructional systems design, message design, instructional strategies, and learner characteristics.


Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to develop instructional materials and experiences using print, audiovisual, computer-based, and integrated technologies.

  • During the three weeks in EdTech 541 when I was designing the content learning activities, I was developing instructions materials using print, audiovisual, computer-based, and integrated technologies.


Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to use processes and resources for learning by applying principles and theories of media utilization, diffusion, implementation, and policy-making.

  • During this course, we were given the task to investigate acceptable use policies. This clearly investigated implementation and policy-making surrounding the idea of technology.

How have I grown professionally?

I have spoken to my administrators quite a bit about using technology in the classroom. They enjoy hearing the new ideas I have learned. I have also had the opportunity to plan AP Statistics with a new partner. We have taken several ideas from EdTech 541 and implemented the lesson into the AP Stats courses.

How your own teaching practice or thoughts about teaching have been impacted by what you have learned or accomplished in this course? 

In the latest unit for AP Statistics, I took some technology ideas to my teaching partner. I developed an assignment and suggested that we of using multimedia to teach the material in a flipped classroom format. We just finished delivering the flipped classroom unit!! Although we have some ideas on how to improve for next year, the flipped classroom went extremely well.

What will you do differently as an educator as a result of this course?

I will constantly be on the look out to integrate technology in all the math courses I teach, not just AP Stats. I thought of some new ideas to use technology in some more lessons for AP Calculus BC as well.

Part 2: Performance Assessment

Lastly in EdTech 541, I am to provide a blogging self assessment based on the following criteria.


Rich in content, full of thought, insight and synthesis with clear connections to previous or current content and/or to real life situations made with depth and detail.

This has definitely been acknowledged and completed throughout this course.

Readings and Resources

Readings (from course text) and other resource materials are used to support blog comments. APA style is used to cite references.

The course text was continually resourced as I completed blogs for EdTech 541. The course text and any additionally resources are cited.


All required postings are made early in the module to give others time to comment.

All deadlines were met.

Responses to Other Students

Two or more substantial posts with at least one detailed response made to address another students’ post.

For every blog post, I responded to at least two other students, if not more. Additionally, I frequently responded to those who posted comments on my blog posts.

Proposed Blogging Grade

139/140 because no one is ever perfect!!


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