EdTech Courses

Below, you will find a list of courses that outline my program development to complete the Boise State M.E.T.: Master’s in Educational Technology.

Updated February 1, 2015


EDTECH 501: Introduction to Educational Technology (Summer 2012)

*EDTECH 502: Internet for Educators (Fall 2012)

EDTECH 503: Instructional Design for Educators (Summer 2013)

EDTECH 504: Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology (Spring 2013)

EDTECH 505: Evaluation for Educational Technologies (Fall 2013)

EDTECH 512: Online Course Design (Summer 2013)

EDTECH 537: Blogging in the Classroom (Summer 2014)

*EDTECH 541: Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum (Fall 2014)

*EDTECH 542: Technology Supported Project-Based Learning (Summer 2014)

EDTECH 551: Technical and Grant Writing (Spring 2014)

EDTECH 592: Portfolio (Spring 2015)

*Applies to a Graduate Certificate in “Technology Integration”


May 9, 2015 in Boise Idaho!!