EdTech 503

Instructional Design

Instructional Designer Job Posting Assignment

Due Date 6/19/2013

Part I – Synthesis:

The Instructional Designer will work as part of a professional team to help deliver information to online students at the University of Maplewood. The ID will also be assisting different departments in designing online resources, such as reading material, quizzes and tests, for blended face-to-face courses that students attend on campus.

The candidate will:

  1. Work with various departments and their subject matter experts to design the venue in which course materials are delivered to students.
  2. Evaluate the needs of each department and make suggestions on which methods of delivery of material would be appropriate for each department.
  3. Facilitate the training of various faculty members as needed.
  4. Analyze current programs, their effectiveness and delivery system and modify the current program to improve it for both faculty and students.

Required skills/knowledge/background:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in one of the following; Instructional Design, Website Design, Educational Technology or a related field.
  2. At least five years total work experience with at minimum one year specializing in ID.
  3. Candidate must have excellent communication skills; both written and verbal.
  4. It is imperative that the instructional designer work well in a team environment.
  5. ID must work well with experts from other fields in a team situation.
  6. Knowledgeable in a variety of online educational software applications.
  7. Works well independently to meet both team and individual deadlines.

Desired skills/knowledge/background:

  1. A Master’s degree is preferred in one of the following; Instructional Design, Website Design, Educational Technology or a related field.
  2. Project management skills.
  3. Communicates own ideas clearly but also demonstrates excellent listening skills.
  4. Creative.
  5. Able to work with constant change.
  6. Pays attention to detail.
  7. Organized.

Part II – Reflection:

1. From my experience and based upon what I have read so far in this course, teachers are more of an expert in the content in the courses they teach. Teachers needs to know how students best learn different aspects of the subject matter. By knowing how students learn particular topics, then a teacher can plan for the delivery of the topic. For example, when I am planning for my math classes, I assess whether a topic might be better learned in an activity setting versus a direct instruction lesson. Teachers also need to know assess their students, both formally and informally, to see if the material has been learned. Following an assessment, I always refelct about student learning to see if I should re-teach any topics.

2. Instructional Designers are expected to design a delivery system for a curriculum, but not necessarily know the subject matter as thoroughly as I would as a teacher. Therefore, it is vital that teachers and designers are a team when developing an online course delivery system. An ID would be much more knowledgeable of technologies than a teacher as well as more frequently play the role of a project manager. An ID would be in charge of researching and applying many different forms of software, knowing how each system works and understanding which system works better for certain subjects as they assist a variety of teachers in developing an online course. In general, as a teacher, it would always be ideal to work with an ID to design online course materials as an ID would know much more than I would about delivery systems.

3. The next three statements summarize the expertise a teacher would bring to a meeting regarding implementation of an online course followed by the expertise an instructional designer would encompass. A teacher would be an expert in the subject matter versus an ID would be an expert in designing how the subject matter is delivered. A teacher would possess knowledge about how people learn the subject matter versus an ID would have knowledge about how people access information. A teacher would be aware of online course delivery versus an ID would be an expert at online course delivery.

Part III – Job Posting URLs:

  1. Tufts Health Plan – Instructional Design Specialist
  2. Amazon – Instructional Designer
  3. Professional Services – Instructional Designer

Final Instructional Design Product

For eight weeks during the summer, students worked towards completion of an instructional design project. Since I was about to begin teaching AP Statistics for the first time in the fall of 2013, I focused my project for EdTech 503 on AP Statistics topics. This way I could complete the project for EdTech 503, and I could spend a lot of time researching the statistics topics I would be teaching in the near future.

After weeks of researching and learning, all the work gathered into one document totaled 38 pages!!

Part 2 only: Analysis Report

Part 6 and 7 only: Formal Evaluation

Course Syllabus


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