EdTech 504

Theoretical Foundations for Educational Technology

I took EdTech 504, in the spring of 2013. Although this class was about research and writing, I really enjoyed the course. The paper I wrote for this class is titled

Balancing Learning Theories, Instructional Styles and Technology to meet the Demands of Teaching High School Mathematics in the 21st Century.
Balance is the key to so many things in life! This paper is 12 pages but very interesting to read, especially if you teach math. One thing I would improve on the paper is to include some additional ideas and more detail. However, there was a page limit to abide by as well as some other course requirements and the paper before edits needed some off the length. If you teach math, you should read this paper.

Final Synthesis Paper

Peer Editing Experience

Before submitting our final papers, we were given several weeks to complete a formal peer editing process. This was the most organized peer edit process I experienced in the M.E.T. program. I think it was due to the fact it was not a rushed process. In other courses, there was not enough time built in to properly complete a peer edit process.

Below is my paper as edited by Kim Hefty. Thanks for all your help with all the classes we took together during our quest to complete our Masters Degree!! I could not have done it without you and learned a lot with your assistance. For a couple of math teachers, we sure could critique each others papers well!!

The paper below is posted with permission by Kim Hefty. This shows her paper and my edits.

Annotated Bibliography

Earlier in the course we completed an annotated bibliography which turned out to be an amazing start to the final research paper for EdTech 504. This bibliography is below.

EdTech 504 Course Syllabus


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