Assessing the AP Statistics Inference PBL

EdTech 542 Learning Log Entry 7/7/14

Wow, what I lot of work it was this week to create all the assessments for the PBL. I must say, Google documents might be easy to embed into a Google site, but many times they are not so easy to format. Inserting a table into a Google document is very frustrating.

The rubric was also very time consuming. First you need to find a decent rubric app online. Then you need to tinker with it to see if it is really helpful. I found a very flexible rubric maker called iRubric. However, when you have 25 items to assess on a rubric and there are 3-4 levels to write about, you get to 75 entries very quickly. The advantage to iRubric is once the rubric is done (with weighted grading available too), you can click on each box to grade a student, and the percentage score pops right up. So the work you put in up front will pay off during the grading process!!

Then you try to embed the rubric and it doesn’t work! I highly recommend the following video to anyone having issues embedding non-Google supported material into a Google Site.

One of the PBL learning outcomes will include that students will be able to understand when to use a significance test for a mean versus a significance test for a proportion. This will be vital when students begin analyzing various scenarios as the tests are different for means and percents and even more so when they take the AP Statistics exam and do not have any hints as to which test to use.

One of the assessments to help students understand the use of different tests will be in the form of a flowchart. Students can design a flowchart asking specific questions that will lead them to the correct test. In order to do this, students will need to carefully research each test and understand its specific use. For example, a z-test (and a z-statistic) is only used when data is presented as a proportion. Then students need to determine if there is one set of data or are they comparing two sets of data? Do they need to test the data or build a confidence interval. By building a flowchart, each decision box can lead a new statistician to the correct final test and mechanics necessary. This an important skill students need for the AP exam.

Here is a link to the assessment page for the AP Statistics Inference PBL. Once there, you will see several other formative and summative assessments as well as a rubric for the final presentation of the PBL.


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