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My name is Angie Kruzich. This fall I am taking EdTech 541 at Boise State. Thus far I have completed EdTech 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 512, 537, 542 and 551. It is very exciting to know that I only have two more courses to complete for the M.E.T. program and will be done in the spring of 2015!

My technological abilities have definitely grown throughout this program, however, I would not consider myself an expert. I still ask a lot of questions about technology.

I teach full-time at Liberty High School in Issaquah School District (ISD) where I teach Geometry, AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics. It is an exciting time at Liberty as we have been in remodel mode for several years. Right now, my entire classroom is in boxes!! If all is on schedule, then we should be teaching in a brand new classroom building in 2014-2015. AP Stats was a new course for our school last year and I was the only one teaching it, so it has been interesting to handle the work load. I wasn’t planning to teach a new course while working on this Master’s degree, however, our school was offered a College Board-Google grant to do so this year. It didn’t make sense to turn down grant money. Plus the grant came with two all expense paid conferences including the national AP conference this past summer in Las Vegas!

As for hobbies, I hope to remember what those are starting next summer after I am done with the MET program.

This was my 21st year of teaching math in ISD which is where I have always worked. I started by teaching 7th and 8th grade math for 4 years, then moved to the high school level for four years when a new high school opened in our district. Then my daughter came along, so I took two years off during which time I started my own tutoring business and have been doing that ever since. After my two year leave from the district, I went back to the classroom part-time at Liberty High where I have been now for 11 years. Now I am full-time again and still tutoring in the evenings to supplement the teaching paycheck.

It has been a challenge to keep up with the workload of the M.E.T. program, but have found a time management system that keeps me afloat. It definitely wasn’t the ideal time for me to start this master’s program, but that is what I have been saying to myself throughout my first 20 years of teaching…so I have determined, a better time will not happen anytime soon! I sought an on-line program in which to earn a master’s degree because I have two jobs, and my daughter is a very active soccer player year round and I am the team manager; so I was seeking the flexibility of on-line. I have found that if I designate my entire Sunday each week to my master’s class during the school year, then I can do this!

Graduation from Boise State University is May 9, 2015.



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